18 de septiembre de 2017


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God Himself may have intervened to set the story in motion. And the shocking ramifications could be a sign of nothing less than the end times.
So explains Pastor Carl Gallups, who chronicled in book and film “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah” the story of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, one of Israel’s most revered rabbis, an icon who left a mysterious message after his death that many believe identified Jesus Christ as the Messiah.
Gallups recently was a guest on the radio show “Caravan to Midnight,” hosted by John B. Wells.
“In 2005 … right around the time of Yom Kippur, Kaduri went to his synagogue where he was a teacher/rabbi and revealed to his audience what he had been revealing to his students,” Gallups recounted. “He didn’t say the name Jesus. But he said, ‘Messiah has visited me, I know who he is, I even know his name.’ Well, of course, his Jewish audience, their ears perked up because they’re still looking for Messiah.”
As Gallups pointed out, the search for Messiah has characterized the spiritual life of many contemporary Jews. Indeed, as WND recently reported, some among the followers of Chabad-Lubavitch leader Rabbi Menachem Schneerson claim the rabbi, who died in 1994, has been raised from the dead.
“They’re always running around saying, ‘Is this the Messiah, is this the Messiah?'” said Gallups.
The pastor said Jesus warned in the New Testament that in the latter days wild rumors would spread about where the Messiah could be found.
However, as Gallups recounted, Kaduri had a much more precise answer. The rabbi claimed he had written the Messiah’s name in a note to be published on his website one year after his death.
And after Kaduri’s death, a message verified as authentic by some of Kaduri’s closest followers and placed on Kaduri’s own website purportedly identified the Messiah. The message proclaimed that Messiah’s name was Yehoshua, or “Jesus,” in the formal Greek.
The note soon afterward disappeared from the website and the media refused to report on Kaduri’s pronouncement. And those who repeated the story, like Gallups, were subject to attack.
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“Boy, have I been under attack … ever since the book came out, by the Orthodox Jews, horrifically,” said Gallups. “Even today, still, because I dared to bring this story out. Because the Jewish authorities, the Israeli government, the Israeli media, they covered it up. They shut the story down. They tried to pretend like it never happened.”
Gallups said the furious reaction by many rabbis to the news that one of their own may have accepted Christ is a repetition of a very old pattern in history. He views the recent action by the Sanhedrin, a rabbinic court, to ban Messianic Jews from being married in Israel as typical.
“This is the disgust and the disdain and the hatred that they have for all things Christians, Jesus, New Testament,” Gallups said. “So when you have their own people coming to Christ by the tens of thousands, it freaks these rabbis out, just like the Pharisees of the New Testament.
“When all the people were flocking to Jesus, the Pharisees looked for a way to kill Jesus. They hated him, they hated that the crowds were running to him and not to them. They were the rabbis, they were the teachers of the law, they were the leaders of Israel, if you will. Well, here we are in these last days, Israel has returned to the land, we’re living in the most prophetic time since the first coming of Jesus, and the rabbis are still leveling out their vitriol.”
Gallups said it was not unusual that God made Himself known to a Jewish rabbi, someone who would not be expected to have a positive view of Jesus. After all, said Gallups, He has done it before.
“Why wouldn’t Jesus go to Kaduri, because Kaduri would be like Paul?” Gallups asked. “Kaduri was the biggest voice of our day among the Jews. Why wouldn’t Jesus appear to him? People say, ‘Well, Jesus wouldn’t appear to a Kabbalist, a magician.’ Well, of course He would. He appeared to Paul. Paul was a murderer. Paul was a hater of Christians. Paul was out to destroy the church when Jesus appeared to him. And in like manner, Kaduri said that Jesus appeared to him.”
However, the pastor also said many Jews have good reason to avoid the name “Christian,” given the horrific treatment many Jews have suffered throughout the centuries at the hands of those who considered themselves believers in Christ. But, he added, things are changing because of how many Jews are coming to believe Jesus is Messiah. Many of those believers were inspired by the story of Rabbi Kaduri.
“Jews [who believe in Jesus as Messiah] are a little slow to call themselves Christians, but it’s a matter of semantics,” Gallups said. “They call themselves Messianic Jews. They don’t lose their Jewishness, because they are Jews by race, and birth and tradition, and ancient religion, but now they are believers, their eyes have been opened, and they see the fulfillment of Christ in the Old Testament Scriptures and they believe He is Messiah. He already came once, offered Himself as propitiation for our sin, and is returning again. They say the same thing we Christians say. They are our brothers in Christ, just as the New Testament predicted in the last days … that Jew and Gentile would come together in Jesus Christ. And that’s how the true church is being built, Jew and Gentile, by people who believe Jesus is the Christ.”
Gallups, whose most recent book is the end times examination “When The Lion Roars,” also points out Kaduri predicted Messiah would return not long after the death of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. And without setting any definite dates, events since Sharon’s death, said the pastor, seem to be setting the stage for it.
“He died in January 2014, so we’re coming around to only three and a half years he’s been dead,” Gallups noted. “A very short time. And since then, look what we’ve had! Just before then, Arab Spring, the collapse of the Middle East, all these other things. Russia showing up (in the Middle East), China showing up (in the Middle East), now North Korea, Iran, borders in the United State collapsing, borders all over Europe collapsing, Donald Trump effect, the Brexit effect, globalists going crazy, the world going out of its mind, the Supreme Court of the largest Christian nation in the world proclaiming gay marriage is legal; all of these atrocities just came in like a flood!
“Israel is surrounded by enemies. Iran has nukes and they are constantly talking about wanting to nuke Israel from the face of the map. All of that happened just before or just after Sharon died. And here we are today and things are still happening in Israel today.”


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